About GKOR

A Mentality. The human thought process during hard times to BELIEVE, SURVIVE and NEVER GIVE UP!

A Motivational Apparel Brand. GKOR Gotta Keep On Rollin LLC offers quality products for Survivors to be proud of their GKOR Mentality and all the struggles they’ve overcame!

An Inspirational Journey/Lifestyle. GKOR’s creator & CEO, Steve “Lil’ Bunk” Bunk has endured the struggle his entire life. From growing up in poverty stricken Chester, PA., to suffering a Spinal Cord Injury in 2008, Lil' Bunk never let his environment or physical condition stop him from striving towards his goals. He prays GKOR can motivate you to do the same!

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GKOR vows to donate to charities focusing on: SCI (Spinal Cord Injuries), Organ Transplantation, At-Risk Youth, PTSD, Military Vets, Animal Shelters, and others providing services for Survivors in need! 

Thanks to all of our GKOR supporters and to those that help others!


GKOR Gotta Keep On Rollin LLC a BUNK LLC Company